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Observing set up: Recording IF1 at 87032 MHz to the Synology disk pack. DAS1 profile is Recording IF2 at 87160 MHz to cavsi2 /mnt/xraid1 (ATNF V001B). DAS2 profile is

Recording linear polarisations. Reference antenna is CA02 on N11.

Observing log (all times UTC):

0400: Some start-up issues meant that we only got on-source a bit after 0400. Then cavsi1 BIGBUF to the Xraid was getting really small due to high wait times, so I switched to the Synology, recording started at 0409. Seeing is about 400-500 microns, opacity isn't great due to plenty of clouds. Only CA02 in the tied array for now. Tsys, despite doing a paddle scan a little while ago, is not correct.

0415: While slewing to 1741, decided to do a paddle scan on SGRA* to fix Tsys problem. We therefore missed the first 1741 scan.

0525: Stopped to do 15mm pointing on 1741-312 (had not reach NRAO530 before stopping). Also then did a paddle scan on SGRA*. Was back on schedule at 05:50:50, after a long slewing period because sources were going directly overhead and the antennas couldn't keep up while attempting to track.

07:28: Stopped to do 15mm pointing on 1741-312. Also then did a paddle scan on SGRA*. Back on schedule at 07:34:20.

07:36: The seeing is down to less than 200 microns, and a pcal on NRAO530 looks decent. I'm going to include all five antennas in the tied array, which happened at 07:37:16.

10:00: I've only just noticed that cavsi2 is having the same issue that cavsi1 was having at the start of the recording, where it would continually have problems with BIGBUF and need to start recording again. I've swapped it over to the internal data disks now. I don't know what effect the recorder problem has had on the actual data.

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