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Experiment status. Click on the Obs code for details of scheduled observations.

Ident PI Surname Title of Proposal Active Until Status
V131 Ojha Astrometry/Imaging of Southern Hemisphere ICRF Sources 2006APRSOn going
V181 Lenc A high resolution, high sensitivity, wide field study of jet interactions and starburst galaxies.2006OCTSObservations of two targets in May 2005. Four targets remain to be scheduled.
V182 Dodson LBA observations of the complicated AGN source J0743-672006APRSNo observations scheduled yet.
V183 Hirabayashi Imaging the remaining VSOP 5 GHz Survey sources2006APRS24 of 48 h observed in May 2005
V184 Horiuchi Highly polarised water masers in Orion-KL2006APRSNo observations scheduled yet
V185 Godfrey High angular resolution imaging of PKS 1421-4902006APRSV185a observed in May 2005
V186 Guirado Astrometry of the AB Doradus System2006OCTSNo observations yet
V187 Ojha Investigation of Polarimetry with the LBA2006OCTSNo observations yet
VT01 Tingay Imaging tests for eVLBI N/A
VT02 Tzioumis LBA Setup, testing, fringe-checkingN/A
VT03 Tingay Trans-Tasman Test Observations N/A
VT04 Tingay ATCA-Mopra 3mm testing N/A
VT05 Lovell Test of 512 Mbps recording Tid-Hobt Mk5N/A
VT06 Deller Phase-reference source search for double pulsarN/A
VT07 Phillips PCFS test observations N/A
VT08 Phillips K-band geodesy tests with JIVE N/A
VT09 Phillips LBA antenna positions N/A
VT10 Phillips Ad hoc VLBI tests N/A
VT11 Phillips eVLBI tests N/A
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