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-Experiment status. Click on the Obs code for details of scheduled observations. 
-^Ident ^PI Surname ^Title of Proposal ^Active Until ^Status | 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv131 | V131]]   |Ojha        |Astrometry/Imaging of Southern Hemisphere ICRF Sources |2006APRS|On going| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv181 | V181]]  |Lenc        |A high resolution, high sensitivity, wide field study of jet interactions and starburst galaxies.|2006OCTS|Observations of two targets in May 2005. Four targets remain to be scheduled.| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv182 | V182]]  |Dodson      |LBA observations of the complicated AGN source J0743-67|2006APRS|No observations scheduled yet.| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv183 | V183]]  |Hirabayashi |Imaging the remaining VSOP 5 GHz Survey sources|2006APRS|24 of 48 h observed in May 2005| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv184 | V184]]  |Horiuchi    |Highly polarised water masers in Orion-KL|2006APRS|No observations scheduled yet| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv185 | V185]]  |Godfrey     |High angular resolution imaging of PKS 1421-490|2006APRS|V185a observed in May 2005| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv186 | V186]]  |Guirado     |Astrometry of the AB Doradus System|2006OCTS|No observations yet| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryv187 | V187]]  |Ojha        |Investigation of Polarimetry with the LBA|2006OCTS|No observations yet| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt01 | VT01]]  |Tingay      |Imaging tests for eVLBI       |N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt02 | VT02]]  |Tzioumis    |LBA Setup, testing, fringe-checking|N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt03 | VT03]]  |Tingay      |Trans-Tasman Test Observations|N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt04 | VT04]]  |Tingay      |ATCA-Mopra 3mm testing        |N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt05 | VT05]]  |Lovell      |Test of 512 Mbps recording Tid-Hobt Mk5|N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt06 | VT06]]  |Deller      |Phase-reference source search for double pulsar|N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt07 | VT07]]  |Phillips    |PCFS test observations                 |N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt08 | VT08]]  |Phillips    |K-band geodesy tests with JIVE    |N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt09 | VT09]]  |Phillips    |LBA antenna positions                  |N/A|| 
-|[[.:lbaexpsummaryvt10 | VT10]]  |Phillips    |Ad hoc VLBI tests                         |N/A|| 
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