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-Recorded to ATNF V010A 
-Using the Wiltron as first LO, set to 13.04 GHz +14 dBm. Recording RCP both channels, confirmed with fringe-check. 
-2nd LOs are SMY01 & SML for channels 1 and 2, with frequencies of 637 and 669 MHz respectively. 
-DAS profile VSOP.PRO 
-Frequently windstowed during the afternoon and early evening (0400-1000). These were only sporadically recorded in the log, although flagr has noted off-source data. 
-Observation stopped at 1309 to replace an unstable power supply in the rack. Restarted at 13:36:30 
-fs died shortly afterwards though 
-Note that there is a major clock jump for the data at 1309,from ~6 microsec to ~20. 
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