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Recorded to ATNF V015B

Using the Wiltron as first LO, set to 11.4 GHz +14 dBm. Recording RCP in channel 1, LCP in channel 2, confirmed with fringe-testing 2nd LO for RCP is 510 MHz for sky frequency of 6658 (Using SMY01) 2nd LO for RCP is 168 MHz for sky frequency of 6316 (Using SMY01) 2nd LO for LCP is 520 MHz for sky frequency of 6658 (Using SML)

DAS profile VSOP.PRO

Between ~0700 and ~1000 tests were made on the 5 & 10 MHz distribution amplifiers, using spare outputs and SMY oscillators. This should not have affected the observations but if there are unusually bad phase errors in this interval, then these tests are the most likely culprits and you have our apologies.

Freq changes on time except for the times listed below…

Ceduna incorrectly changed to 6658 early between 03:17:50 and 03:18:00.

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