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ATCA ref Ca02 on W104.

Recorded on xraid1 disk ATNF V001A.

Channels 1,3 only.

Setup on 1934-638.. Lots of problems. Could not setup DAS1 IFP2 properly. Stats out and DAS complaining of high levels.

Started recording 17:27UT. No fringes…

Flipped to profile at 17:39:40 UT. Fringes on Ch 1 only.

Recalibrated teh array 17:56 to 18:17. No improvement. Still IFP2 on DAS1 faulty..

Tried 1,3,5,7 recording 18:46-18:49UT but rtfc not setup for this.. Reverted to 1,3.

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