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1hr late starting recorder.

At ~23UT noticed data disk reporting 100% full but still recording ok? May not have lost any data. Deleted some old data and all seemed ok, but need to check at correlation time.

04:46 - restarted recorder for the hell of it (small gap as it did not restart)

Fringe checks to At on 1144-379 showed no fringes.

06:46:50 - 06:47:43 UT. Changed to new Agilent for 2nd LO. Levels returned to same values.(rms 1226, 1430)

06:51 Fringe test still failed.

07:05:51UT. Finger problems with 2nd synthesiser! Lost LO and power levels dropped to noise.

(07:06:50 UT. Fringe test with all antennas showed At was ok.)

~07:54 UT. LO reset. Again on new Agilent. Levels back to normal.

07:42:39 UT askap gui froze!!! not tracking but not giving any otehr errors.

09:20 UT. Back on schedule..

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