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DOY 258

Start with DSS-43, IF1 S-RCP-LONO-LNA2(Hemt)-D/C1, IF2 X-RCP-LONO-LNA2-D/C1

17:03 70m DSS-43 start on point and recording (S/X 64MHz)

17:** switched S-band LNA2 (Hemt) to LNA1 (Maser)

17:53:00 switched to dss-45

17:55 switch from x-maser to hemt

18:04 switch back to maser

B0 ATT 12,12 dBm

18:31 switch patching to DSS-34

B0 ATT 8,4 dBm

18:57 re-started recording for main schedule v469ati

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