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Agilent 3.2 GHz

SMY01/03 652 MHz

Coherence seem with a tone of 138.9 MHz

SEFD ~ 1000-1200 Jy

comments made in real time below:

2012.258.00:31:19.82;“Sky 1400 MHz

2012.258.00:31:34.18;”agilent 3.2 GHz

2012.258.00:32:02.38;“SMY 652 MHz

2012.258.00:32:22.07;”tone 694.5 MHz

2012.258.00:37:23.83;“DAS profile VSOP_HO

2012.258.00:41:47.74;”recording hybrid generated RCP, LCP currently. Will disconnect Hybrid in 10 minutes.

2012.258.00:43:09.62;“data is OK after 0020:45UT when tone was switched off

2012.258.00:45:05.29;”a few minutes prior to this the Agilent was finally synched after a DC plug to 10 MHz distribution amplifier was plugged in, providing synch signal.

2012.258.00:46:23.77;“disks are “CDSPARES”

2012.258.00:55:06.03;”Linears now.

2012.258.00:56:44.59;“levels adjusted into DAS

2012.258.00:58:13.72;”ch1 level is a bit up and down. might be RFI

2012.258.01:08:27.86;“DAS power dropped hugely and I didn't do any thing. Maybe for 20 seconds. RFI from a spacecraft? or something.

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