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Recording DAS1 to UTAS V001B. Recording DAS2 to ATNF V005A.

DAS2 recording has the suffix das2 on the experiment name.

Both DASes are running, and DAS1 is running with inverted recording. Fringe checks before this experiment confirm that on disk both 7mm and 3mm frequencies should be USB.

Started experiment with CA01 and CA05 at 7mm; CA02, CA03, CA04 are at 3mm. The reference position is CA04 on W104.

The tied array starts off with 15 at 7mm, 234 at 3mm. The weather is fair, with a seeing of a couple of hundred microns, but this is increasing quite a bit as the day gets hotter.

The seeing got too bad and the phases too erratic to keep the tied array as it was. Changed it to CA01 only at 7mm, CA02 only at 3mm at 02:48 UTC.

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