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 +UT 09:00 - No network connection to Ceduna
 +UT 09:32 - Network connection re-established
 +Recording to ATNF_V008B
 +Skype exchange:
 +[20/09/2014 7:46:11 pm] Jamie Stevens: Hobart, looking at the fringe plots I'd say we are actually getting fringes in your high frequency band, just much weaker than the low frequency band
 +[20/09/2014 7:46:35 pm] Jamie Stevens: If I recall correctly, an SMY freq of 206 MHz is lower than recommended
 +[20/09/2014 7:47:06 pm] Jamie Stevens: try increasing the SMY output level if you can't change its frequency
 +Following this, Yuri increased the output of 2LO to 10dB. Jamie was also concerned about the lower freq. setup for Cd as well.
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