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Skype exchange:

[20/09/2014 7:46:11 pm] Jamie Stevens: Hobart, looking at the fringe plots I'd say we are actually getting fringes in your high frequency band, just much weaker than the low frequency band

[20/09/2014 7:46:35 pm] Jamie Stevens: If I recall correctly, an SMY freq of 206 MHz is lower than recommended

[20/09/2014 7:47:06 pm] Jamie Stevens: try increasing the SMY output level if you can't change its frequency

Following this, Yuri increased the output of 2LO to 10dB. Jamie was also concerned about the lower freq. setup for Cd as well.

UT 15:10 - Adjusted programable attenuators at Ho to set SLD at -4 dB. Cal measurements prior to this therefore stuffed.

UT 15:12 - All ATNF antennas appear to not have changed modes back to single freq smoothly. Tasso and Hayley are calling Jamie S to troubleshoot. Recmon only shows Ho and Cd as recording.

No luck contacting Jamie, so Tasso and Hayley doing a “manual” record for all stations.

UT 15:35 - Mp fixed

UT 15:38 - Pa fixed

UT 15:40 - At fixed

UT 20:07 - vc rack started lighting up like a Christmas tree with alarms. Called Brett who asked me to issue a proc command consistent with an IVS schedule to neutralise alarms. v490cho.prc resumed at UT 20:12.

UT 21:50 - fs on Ho was found to be dead and restarted. From the log, it seems to have been out of action since UT 21:11.

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