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NB Ceduna appears to have variable gain throughout this experiment. This problems appears to be in the receiver itself but was not discovered until toward the end of the LBA session. The problem appears as a sudden drop in the apparent Tsys and affects both channels.

Recording to CURT V006A

Agilent 17400 MHz SML01/02 336 MHz

DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO modified to disable AGC.


Menu 1: 23=1 24=110 25=176 26=1 27=512

Menu 4: 23=1 24=134 25=170 26=1 27=512 (Note that these parameters were set with the levels not perfect - they should be redone for next time)

Recording RCP/LCP, confirmed with fringe check. Coherence seen with tone of 892.2

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