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Tid LBA-DR is not operational and DVP is going to be used insted.

Tid shall record with DVP as follows:

Ch1 32018-32034 LSB RCP

Ch2 32034-32050 USB RCP

Ch3 32050-32066 LSB RCP

Ch4 32066-32082 USB RCP

Ch5 32018-32034 LSB LCP

Ch6 32034-32050 USB LCP

Ch7 32050-32066 LSB LCP

Ch8 32066-32082 USB LCP

Note: DVP always records 32 channels in total.

Note after observing: The DSS-34 track might be loss for both pol. LCP showed too low power and RCP showed no power variation in time and we couldn't fix in time. The DSS-35 track went fine.

DOY 269

13:00 DSS-34 started recording (for 1921-293)

RCP→LNA1→KaO1-DTT (good bandpass)

LCP→LNA2→KaO2-DTT (signal too low, something not connected?)

14:00-14:01:40 not recording due to bug in the DVP script?

15:53 Tsys 40.1 at Ka, before that SNT has been measured for X-band

15:56:40 STOW DSS-34

- 17:07 DSS-35 Tsys 42.555 K DCC-02

17:07:38 DSS-35 on point J0851-5228

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