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IF1 recording to DAS1 to cavsi1, IF2 recording to DAS2 to cavsi2. The statistics on channel 1 DAS2 look strange, but the DAS seems to be working as required, so I don't know how to fix this.

Recording linear pols both IFs.

To calibrate the array, I had to do the delay calibration at 15mm on 0537-441, then moved to 0537-441 at 3mm, but couldn't see strong phases. However, on the RLEO source at the start of the main schedule, the maser(?) was clearly visible, and using channels 120-160 of each 64 MHz IF I could confirm that the phases were flat, so delay was 0.

I did a pcal on those channels on RLEO at 20:37:07 and included CA01/4/5 in the tied array, with CA04 on W104 as the reference antenna.

The seeing monitor measures RMS phase noise of around 200 microns at the beginning of the schedule.

As the phase became more visible on CENA, I did a pcal at 20:50:56.

Pcal on 1055+018 at 21:31:13. The phase stability after this time seemed good enough to include CA03 in the tied array as well, giving us a four element tied array. We are not including CA02 because it has unequal power on its polarisations and may cause problems in the array addition. The tied array went from 145 to 1345 at 21:38:02.

The weather started getting pretty bad towards the end of the run, but I kept the tied array the same.

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