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 **Venue** **Venue**
-The meeting will be held in the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (Tidbinbilla). +The meeting will be held at Meeting Room in Training Building, Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (Tidbinbilla). 
 The address is: Discovery Drive, Paddys River District or coordinates: -35.39972,148.97086 The address is: Discovery Drive, Paddys River District or coordinates: -35.39972,148.97086
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 **Meeting** **Meeting**
-  *  CDSCC will provide some morning/afternoon tea + coffees. Luch will be at the onsite canteen. +  *  CDSCC will provide some morning/afternoon tea + coffees. Lunch will be at the onsite canteen. 
-  *  **Shinji** - internet options (or not...).+  *  Visitor wifi internet access will be available for the registered participants.   
 +A meeting dinner is organised for Tuesday night at the Italian restaurant [[ | Le Rendezvous]], in Manuka 
 +Shop 2, Manuka Court, Bougainville St, Manuka ACT 
 +We have booked for 7pmIt is a BYO restaurant. 
 +If you are not at the Tuesday meeting, please let Shinji or Chris if you are likely to come.  
 **List of Participants** **List of Participants**
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 //Tuesday and Wednesday:// \\ //Tuesday and Wednesday:// \\
 ----\\ ----\\
-Chris Phillips (CASS) +Chris Phillips (CASS)\\ 
-Tasso Tzioumis (CASS) +Tasso Tzioumis (CASS)\\ 
-Phil Edwards (CASS) +Phil Edwards (CASS)\\ 
-Jamie Stevens (CASS) +Jamie Stevens (CASS)\\ 
-Stuart Weston (AUT) +Stuart Weston (AUT)\\ 
-Oleg Titov (Geoscience Australia) +Oleg Titov (Geoscience Australia)\\ 
-Cormac Reynolds (Curtin) +Cormac Reynolds (Curtin)\\ 
-Shaun Amy (CASS) +Shaun Amy (CASS)\\ 
-Dave Jauncey +Dave Jauncey\\ 
-Jim Lovell (UTAS) +Jim Lovell (UTAS)\\ 
-Jamie McCallum (UTAS) +Jamie McCallum (UTAS)\\ 
-Alfred Dera(?) (IM&T+Ed Kruzins (CDSCC)\\ 
 +Shinji Horiuchi (CDSCC)\\ 
 +Phil Pope (CDSCC)
 //Wednesday only:// \\ //Wednesday only:// \\
 ----\\ ----\\
-Tim Rayner (AARnet)+Alfred Dera (IM&T)\\ 
 +John Morrissey (IM&T) \\ 
 +Tim Rayner (AARnet)\\ 
 +John Phillips (CDSCC)\\ 
 +Greg Boyd (CDSCC)\\ 
 +Gerry Buckley (CDSCC)\\ 
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