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-**Local Arrangements, LBA Ops meeting, Canberra 16-17 February 2015** 
-The meeting will be held in the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (Tidbinbilla).  
-The address is: Discovery Drive, Paddys River District or coordinates: -35.39972,148.97086 
-If you need a lift to the station please let Chris know and we will find a free spot in a car. 
-  *  CDSCC will provide some morning/afternoon tea + coffees. Lunch will be at the onsite canteen. 
-  *  Visitor wifi internet access will be available for the registered participants.   
-**List of Participants** 
-//Tuesday and Wednesday:// \\ 
-Chris Phillips (CASS)\\ 
-Tasso Tzioumis (CASS)\\ 
-Phil Edwards (CASS)\\ 
-Jamie Stevens (CASS)\\ 
-Stuart Weston (AUT)\\ 
-Oleg Titov (Geoscience Australia)\\ 
-Cormac Reynolds (Curtin)\\ 
-Shaun Amy (CASS)\\ 
-Dave Jauncey\\ 
-Jim Lovell (UTAS)\\ 
-Jamie McCallum (UTAS)\\ 
-Alfred Dera(?) (IM&T)\\ 
-Shinji Horiuchi (CASS)\\ 
-Phil Pope (CASS) 
-//Wednesday only:// \\ 
-Tim Rayner (AARnet) 
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