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Starting Mopra VLBI from Scratch

VNC Server

Mopra VLBI observing is run from a VNC session on bigrock:1. Note that the VNC session is only accessible from within the ATNF network or via VPN or ssh port forwarding. If you cannot connect your VNC client to this host, check the VNC session is running on screen :1. To do this log onto bigrock using the normal observer username and pasword and run

–>> ps aux | grep -i vnc

The output should be something like the following. You are need to check a VNC server (such as Xtightvnc) is running on screen :1. The output should be something like:

/usr/bin/Xtigervnc :1 -desktop mpvnc1 -auth /home/atcaobs/.Xauthority …

If VNC is not active then run (this is an alias)

–>> startvnc

Check it returns something like the following and has started on screen :1.

–>New 'X' desktop is bigrock:1

You should now be able to connect your VNC client to the server.


You should run the following applications. Note to get an xterm on mpvsi1 or mpvsi2, Use the Telescope menu on the bottom right (VLBI Utilities→mpvsi1). To get an xterm on bigrock, click the “Terminal” icon to the right of the Telescope menu.

Workspace 1

The first desktop is for main observing. Run the following windows:

  • atdrivemon: Start from telescope menu “Observing→atdrivemon”
  • attest: Start from telescope menu “Observing→attest”
  • Monica Attenuator monitor: Will start later
  • 2 bigrock terminals: One for vlobs, one for preparing schedules etc. Place the vlobs terminal in the top right. and run the command terminal-title vlobs

Workspace 2

DAS control and monitoring

  • DAS gui: Start 2 terminals on mpvsi1 (Telescope Menu: VLBI Utilities→mpvsi1) and run das1 and das2 in each

If the DAS GUI was not closed cleanly, a lock file will have been left in place. The terminal will report

Lockfile /var/lock/das_serial2.lock DOES exist 

If this does happens, quit the DAS GUI. , delete the file above and restart

Workspace 3

cdisko control

  • cdisko: Start a terminal on mpvsi1 then run cdisko2

If a 2x 64 MHz recording will be run, 2 recorders are needed. Run a terminal on mpvsi2 in Workspage 5 and run another cdisko instance there. Do not run this by default, as it can confuse observers.

Workspace 4

MoniCA monitoring.

Start MoniCA from the Telescope menu (Observing→Monica) (then select Mopra!). Startup the following monitoring windows via the menu Window→New Window→XXXX:

  • Wind (favourites→wind)
  • Generators (favourites→generators)
  • Lightning (environment→lightning→summary_graph)
  • Attenuation and IF power (vlbi→ifpower)
  • Protection Summary (vlbi→protection)

Move the last 2 windows to workspace 1 (Top left button on the window with a downwards arrow and select Send to…→Workspace 1

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