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 +=====  These notes are now of minimal relevance =====
 +Notes on Mopra operation for VLBI - From Tasso for the run of May 8, 2001
 +Will edit for notes soon:
 +1. Scheduled runs
 +Mopra has C-band on Mon 7
 +          L-band on Tue 8
 +Mopra and ATCA have C-band runs May 13 (Sunday) and 14 (Monday).
 +The schedules for 7 & 8 are in the system. Others have not arrived yet
 +from VSOP.
 +Robina should be able to do all but the 8th. For the 8th she will setup,
 +help you gain control and go. Then WEW will change the tapeset at 9:40pm.
 +2. Schedules
 +Only pitfall is the SCHED-type schedules for the ATCA and Mopra. At L-band
 +they are identical. However, at C-band you MUST have 1Band=64 MHz at Mopra
 +since that is the band we are recording. All else can be the same.
 +3. Tapes
 +WEW will bring the tapes back from Mopra for 7 and 8th. For 13 and 14, you
 +should arrange to get the Mopra tapes up to Narrabri (Robina is likely to
 +forget). Then send the Narrabri and Mopra tapes back to Sydney and I'll
 +take it from there.
 +4. Remote observing for Mopra VSOP run.
 +It should be straight forward but the notes below may help:
 +a) VLBI stuff on v1mop
 +This should be identical to Narrabri i.e.
 +- You can start pcfs either by doing a "remote_pcfs" command (it starts a
 +new xterm) or "fs" in an xterm on v1mop.
 +- das1 starts the das. Beware colour tables and lock-files.
 +- s2 mps2 should start a Mopra s2 terminal or just telnet to mps2.
 +b) Mopra correlator
 +This is similar to Narrabri. Details on the Web from WEW on
 +This gives you info how to run mpcor and recover from crashes, how to run
 +dummsy (ds or tkds) for standalone operation and SPD to display (identical
 +to ATCA).
 +However, you'd only need the correlator for testing the setup and
 +monitoring the bands during the run. It is not actually needed for the
 +VLBI operation itself.
 +This may be the hardest if you are not used to it. It also has alogin
 +limitation like NOEL, so it is better to start detached Decterms. Here is
 +a recipe:
 +- login to the VAX Mopra as VLBI (pword same as Narrabri VKBI account)
 +- set host 0 and then login as observer (pword=same as v1mop=old atca)
 +- in the login window type the following to create decterms:
 +  set display/create/transp=tcpip/node=morpheus (or your machine)
 +  create /term/detach
 +and repeat the last command to get more decterms. You'll want a minimum of
 +2, try for 4. You can create more from inside any of them.
 +(If you get font problems, go to the DEcterm menu in Options, then Window
 +and change the fonts to "Normal". That should cure it).
 +Then you can logout from the initial observer and VLBI direct login.
 +Now you have a few Decterms you'll need to run:
 +1. camon display to monitor the telescope. try /mopra-x to see the 2nd
 +frequency (needed for L-band)
 +2. vlobs
 +That starts the observing program. There is a help command to explain the
 +commands available. Main one is: "file" to get a prompt for the name and
 +then <schedulename> e.g w422d. This would get the schedule in, and start
 +monitoring the Tsys. It does not do any setup yet but I think it tries to
 +adjust the attenuators.
 +To start the schedule just type "start". We usually put a scan in of the
 +circumpolar source 1057-797 so there is some setup time.
 +Once the scan is started, vlobs would run setup for the LOs and then
 +adjust the attenuators if needed.
 +If all goes well that's all you'd need. If you run into trouble, type
 +"stop" then "exit" and restart vlobs. It should retain the schedule so all
 +you have to do is say start.
 +3. There are other programs like
 +- "lo_setup" for setting the front ends
 +- "a_test" for fiddling with attenuators or other parameters
 +- "mmdrive" for injecting test tones.
 +These are only needed at setup time. Some instructions are in the long
 +setup emails I send Robina. Hopefully you'll not need these.
 +If you get stuck try Dick or John. I'm on the mobile (0409 447 902) but
 +I'll be 8 hours behind you.
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