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The VSIC boxes at ATCA and Mopra can now be configured via MoniCA, and do not need physical cable swaps anymore. This page gives instructions on how these boxes are cabled and how to use MoniCA to set and read the state of these VSIC.

Cabling the new VSIC

The DAS are now connected to the new VSIC boxes via four cables, using all the inputs. The S2 outputs of DAS1 and DAS2 are connected via the BG4 cable, which also has two outputs, one going to each of VSIC1 and VSIC2 (the first and third inputs on the VSIC, from left to right).

The CORR ports on each DAS are connected to the second and fourth inputs on the VSIC; DAS1 goes to the second input, and DAS2 goes to the fourth input.

Reading the current state

The state of each box can be found in MoniCA as the points vlbi.vsic.*:

  • vlbi.vsic.control.Code
  • vlbi.vsic.ModuleID1
  • vlbi.vsic.ModuleID1ver
  • vlbi.vsic.VSIC1Code
  • vlbi.vsic.VSIC1Remote
  • vlbi.vsic.VSIC2Code
  • vlbi.vsic.VSIC2Remote

The ATCA state can be obtained via this link.

The Mopra state can be obtained via this link.

Setting the state

The state can be set via the script that is installed on both cavsi1 and mpvsi2. As the vlbi user: -atca 0xEE

Replace -atca with -mopra to control the Mopra VSIC. The last number is the hex representation of the mode you wish to set each VSIC to (remembering that there are two VSIC in each box).

For example, to set VSIC1 to mode 6 and VSIC2 to mode 14 at ATCA: -atca 0x6E

The modes available for each VSIC are:

  • 6: test mode, will output a “count” to the VSIB card.
  • E: used to record as though the Huygens cable was installed.
  • 4: used to record as though the BG3 cables were installed.
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