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VLBI Observing Notes\\\\

To run a VLBI experiment, a number of independent programs need to be run. This include a program to control the telescope and IF setup, controlling the DAS and the LBADR disk recorder. \\


The DAS is controlled by a gui. Log onto the machine running the DAS control and run\\
> das1 &\\
> das2 &\\
A gui is needed to control each DA individually. For each experiment determine which DAS profile is needed (the wiki guesses the profile, but this is not guaranteed to be correct).\\

  • Load the require profile by selecting the File→Load menu item, then selecting the correct profile in the file browser.\\
  • Select Config Hwd\\
  • Select Start Monitor\\

Monitor IF Level status bar. The this should be roughly mid range. If it goes of of range the DAS gui will complain and the attenuation (or catie gain at ATCA) will need to be adjusted.

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