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-The [[http://​​vlbi/​evlbi/​recorder/​corrout.jpg | correlator output ports]] on the DAS can\\ 
-be configured to output 2\\ 
-bit 64 MHz data directly (with no digital filtering). This allows data\\ 
-rates of 512 Mbps from a single DAS (twice that from the S2 output\\ 
-port). As the signal format from the correlator ports are different\\ 
-from the S2 port a patch cable is needed to produce a pin assignment in\\ 
-the S2 specs. The BG3a cable does this. This cable\\ 
-has 3 inputs and one\\ 
-output. Two of the inputs are 20 way twist and flat cables which\\ 
-[[http://​​vlbi/​evlbi/​recorder/​bg3_connected.jpg | connect into the two correlator output ports on the back of the DAS]]\\ 
-(this supplies the sampled 64 MHz data from the two IFPs and the 32 MHz\\ 
-reference clock from the first correlator output). The third input\\ 
-plugs into the S2 Csa output of the DAS to supply the 1 PPS tick. The 50\\ 
-way twist-and-flat output from the BG3a then plugs directly into the VSIC board, bypassing the external connector. For\\ 
-this recording mode, vsib_record needs to be run in mode "​2"​ (16 bits\\ 
-per sample). 
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