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  • The “atsnap” program (2nd workspace in the “Mk5B” VNC session) should terminate cleanly at the end of the schedule, reporting “antenna deallocated”. If it hasn't, kill it with control-C.
  • On the “pkvnc1” VNC session use the “Focus Cabin Switches” panel to turn OFF the S/X receiver and “F/C synthesisers”.
  • Go upstairs to Rack 8 and turn the “HPIB Extender” unit OFF.
  • While upstairs go over to the Mark-V (blue) rack and locate the panel labelled “VLBI delay calibrator”, find the left hand toggle switch, labelled “OFF/Rem PCAL”,

and turn it down to the OFF position so that the green LED goes out. This avoids any chance of it interfering with the other observers.

The rest of the configuration (selecting receiver, restarting TCS etc) can be safely left to the next observing team.

  • If there is no other team in sight when you finish, and you want to leave the dish be sure to stow it first, following he instructions at the MCP, and confirm the the safety timer has stopped (gone blank).
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