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Parkes Mark5 observing

These notes are intended for Parkes astronomy observations, specifically the v271 series at x-band. They are probably not correct for IVS geodesy or Mark5 astronomy at other frequencies

Parkes is equipped with a Mark5b disk recorder and a Mark4 distribution rack upgraded to a MAR5K “formatter”.

IF Setup

  • Ensure the IF is patched through the Switch Matrix to the Mark5. For X-band run (on any sun machine)

> cd ~observer/smsetup > smrun MK-V_MARS.cmd

  • The Mark4 rack may need patching at the rear. For the v271 series the required patching is
VCs 1–3 IF 1 LO
VCs 4–8 IF 1 HI
Vs 9–14 n/a

The required patching seems to be shown in the procedure file generated below

Mark5 commands

The following are a list of useful commands to run on the pcfs to control the Mark5

  • Current disk “position”. Should be 0,0, for an empty disk and increments during recording

> disk_pos

  • Check or select module

mk5=bank_select?mk5=band_select=b“ * Erase a module → > mk5=protect=off > mk5=reset=erase * Set (then check) a module VSN. The VSN must have ”+“ for SATA modules and ”-“ for PATA modules. → > mk5=protect=off > mk5=vsn=PKS+nnn > mk5=vsn? * Erase a module → > mk5=protect=off > mk5=reset=erase''

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