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Parkes Mark5 observing

These notes are intended for Parkes astronomy observations, specifically the v271 series at x-band. They are probably not correct for IVS geodesy or Mark5 astronomy at other frequencies

Parkes is equipped with a Mark5b disk recorder and a Mark4 distribution rack upgraded to a MAR5K “formatter”.

IF Setup

  • Ensure the IF is patched through the Switch Matrix to the Mark5. For X-band run (on any sun machine)

> cd ~observer/smsetup > smrun MK-V_MARS.cmd

  • The Mark4 rack may need patching at the rear. For the v271 series the required patching is
VCs 1–3 IF 1 LO
VCs 4–8 IF 1 HI
Vs 9–14 n/a

The required patching seems to be shown in the procedure file generated below

When the appropriate receiver is on focus check the voltage levels of the VCs. You will have to have started the schedule (see below) or manually run the experiment setup procedure, e.g.: → > proc=v271ipa > setup01

Check the experiment .snp file for the exact commands to use. The VCs need to be between 0.5 and 2.0 Volts.

Mark5 commands

The following are a list of useful commands to run on the pcfs to control the Mark5

  • Current disk “position”. Should be 0,0, for an empty disk and increments during recording

> disk_pos

  • Check or select module (use “a” or “b”)

> mk5=bank_select? > mk5=band_select=b

  • Check mark5 mode

> mk5=mode?

  • Start then stop a test recording, then check it

> disk_record=on > disk_record=off > scan_check

  • Erase a module

> mk5=protect=off > mk5=reset=erase

  • Set (then check) a module VSN. The VSN must have “+” for SATA modules and “-” for PATA modules.

> mk5=protect=off > mk5=vsn=PKS+nnn > mk5=vsn?

  • Erase a module

> mk5=protect=off > mk5=reset=erase

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