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Transfers of experiments which have been transferred to pbstore, correlated, verified, released and hold time is elapsed, for the sake of having complete records (which we've never been able to achieve for disks, but it's a bit easier for this).

Experiment Station From Disk Session Status Date transferred Date removed
v269a ATCA CURT V011B Nov '08 Correlated 19/6/09 17/7/09
v269a Hobart ?? Nov '08 Correlated ?? 17/7/09
V269a Mopra SWIN V020B Nov '08 Correlated 1/4/09 17/7/09
v269a Parkes SWIN V018B Nov '08 Correlated ?/3/09 17/7/09
v269a Tid SWIN V013B Nov '08 Correlated 18/6/09 17/7/09
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