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Remote recording\\\

disko does not support remote recording (cdisko does and will be commissioned real-soon-now)\
To do remote recording do the following.\

  • Log into receiving recorder, e.g. mpvsi2, as vlbi:\

–> > ssh vlbi@mpvsi2\

  • Start the receiving program. You must create the data directory and cd into this first. E.g.\

–> > mkdir /data/xraid0/v210a\
–> > cd /data/xraid0/v210a\
–> > vsib_recv\

  • Log into recorder connected to vsic, e.g. mpvsi1, as vlbi:\

–> > ssh vlbi@mpvsi1\

  • Run the vsib_record\

–> >vsib_record -x -t 6.5h -m 2 -o v210a-Mp -H mpvsi2-ext\

  • At disk change, you will have to kill both processes (^C) and repeat the process, e.g create and cd to a new directory on the receiving end.\

NOTE: When ssh'ing into the recorders from outside the observatory (e.g. into Mopra from Narrabri) the computer name must have an '-ext' added.

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