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 + ​Renaming a bunch of files at the same time 
 +There is a command called rename which takes Perl-type regular expressions and acts on a list of files that you give it.
 +For example, say you have recorded an experiment with the name v276a, when the experiment was really v252f. At the end of the recording you will have a bunch of files that are named like:\\
 +and so on.
 +Now you want to keep the date information and station information,​ and you don't want to issue a thousand commands like:\\
 +mv v276a_Cd_161_005250.lba v252f_Cd_161_005250.lba
 +Use the rename command to do it for you, like this:\\
 +rename '​s/​v276a/​v252f/'​ *
 +This command means "look for any instance of the string v276a and replace it with v252f, and do this for every file in the directory"​. Voila, now the files will be named like:\\
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