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Fringe Checker (RtFC) problems

Correlator runs but no fringes are plotted

Scroll up in the and look for error messages. Things to check are

  • The antenna names in the .delay file match full antenna names in vex file. These are usually PARKES, ATCA, CEDUNA, MOPRA, TID70M_S2.
  • Write permission in directory
  • Try deleting all the .output files in the directory corresponding to the time you are checking

No fringes

Main.FringeTroubles will not connect

You make need to setup ssh tunnels of ports 7420 and 7426 (check) to from “localhost”. Then set RTFC_CONTROL and RTFC_CORRELATOR to localhost. Best to edit /home/vlbi/evlbi/RtFC/setup.csh and re-login.

Cannot connect to pkvsi1

Try pkvsi1-ext

Cannot connect to pkvsi1-ext

Try pkvsi1

Cannot connect to tidvsi

You can only ssh from venice, vulcan, kaputar, pavo and green

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