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The Australian astronomical community has the prospect of access to a dedicated 62.5 hrs per year of VLBA time, for each of the next two years.

At the LBA operations meeting (Feb 21/22, 2012: CASS, Sydney), a special session on this issue will be held on the afternoon of Wedn 22 Feb and a prioritised list of projects that could utilise this time will be produced. In the event that the VLBA time allocation is realised, the highest priority projects on this list will be put forward to the VLBA for scheduling.

Proposals for the use of this time are encouraged, in the form of participation in the meeting or via a short description of the project sent to Dr Tasso Tzioumis (

This meeting will be held in the Faraday room, CASS, Marsfield, 14:00-17:30, Wedn 22 February 2012.

More details are given at the end of the Agenda for the LBA Ops meetings at


Brief notes on the VLBA-LBA discussions on allocation of VLBA time

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