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-The Australian astronomical community has the prospect of access to a 
-dedicated 62.5 hrs per year of VLBA time, for each of the next two 
-At the LBA operations meeting (Feb 21/22, 2012: CASS, Sydney), 
-a special session on this issue will be held on the afternoon of Wedn 22 Feb and 
-a prioritised list of projects that could utilise this time will be 
-produced.  In the event that the VLBA time allocation is realised, the 
-highest priority projects on this list will be put forward to the VLBA 
-for scheduling.   
-Proposals for the use of this time are encouraged, in 
-the form of participation in the meeting or via a short description of 
-the project sent to Dr Tasso Tzioumis ( 
-This meeting will be held in the Faraday room, CASS, Marsfield, 14:00-17:30, Wedn 22 February 2012.  
-More details are given at the end of the Agenda for the LBA Ops meetings at 
-=====  Brief notes on the VLBA-LBA discussions on allocation of VLBA time ===== 
-  *   [[.:special-vlba-lba-2012-notes| Notes from the pecial meeting on VLBA time allocation - 22 Feb 2012]] 
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