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 ====== LBA Ops 2016 Telecon setup ====== ====== LBA Ops 2016 Telecon setup ======
 +Videocon will be available via CSIRO installation of WebEx. This supports desktop based clients as well as hardware based systems (specifically SIP and .H323). Normal phone dial in is available also, with local numbers around Australia and internationally. If you have limited network bandwidth, you may find the best result is to dial in via phone for audio and rely on WebEx for viewing presentations.
 +===== To join from desktop or mobile device =====
 +Go to the following URL. Note that the first time you use WebEx you will need to install an App or browser plugin
 +  ​
 +Remember to enable audio if you wish to stream audio via the internet (and mute microphone when listening).
 +Please see note below regarding Linux support for WebEx
 +===== To join with audio only from a normal telephone =====
 +|Call-in (Canberra, Australia): ​ |   +61 2 6246 4433  |
 +|Other ​ International Call-in Phone Numbers: ​   |     ​https://​​Call-in.php |
 +|Meeting Number/​Access Code:     ​| ​ 578 051 369  |
 +===== To join from a room based hardware system or .H323/SIP client =====
 +Please refere to [[http://​​conferencing/?​|these instructions]]. Take note of the many different ways of specifying the videocon address.
 +===== Linux Support =====
 +I have not been able to get WebEx working under Linux. Chrome is not supported at all and it seems only 32bit Firefox/​Java is supported. Oracle Java may be require also. If you have a Linux SIP/.H323 linux client that may work - CSIRO provides a test system SIP/.H323 you can try and connect to if you wish to experiment. If you wish to experiment with WebEx, please ask Chris to book a test session.
 +You may be able to use the free Linux SIP client [[http://​​|ekiga]]
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