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 Meeting ID: 0530 Meeting ID: 0530
-//Chair** + 
-  ​ Jim Lovell+**Present:**\\ 
 +UTas: Jim (Chair), John D.\\ 
 +Curtin: Aiden, Hayley, Cormac, Claire, Aquib\\ 
 +ATNF: Tasso, Chris\\ 
 +UWA: Richard, Maria\\ 
 +Mt Stromlo: Shinji, Dave\\ 
 +NZ: Sergei, Tim\\ 
 **Agenda** **Agenda**
   *  Review of [[lbaops:​telecon2008nov19 | Actions from last meeting]]   *  Review of [[lbaops:​telecon2008nov19 | Actions from last meeting]]
-    *  xx+
   *  Reports/​feedback from November VLBI session   *  Reports/​feedback from November VLBI session
Line 52: Line 59:
-  *  March LBA meeting preparations:​ +  *  March LBA meeting ​and eVLBI demo preparations:​ 
-    *  ​Discuss and initiate action with AARNet ​for the official part of the March demo (Tasso) +    *  ​Tasso to prepare a 'block schedule' ​for the meeting and seek comment ​(Tasso) 
-    ​* ​ Organise LBA Operations/​eVLBI/​networking meeting at Curtin for week 9-13 March. Full e-VLBI demo in that week. (Steven/​Tasso)+
-** +  *  **Block schedule next year should avoid Nov/Dec if possible: it's too windy (Phil)** 
-  *  ​Schedule +  *  ​**Provide additional advice to PIs on scheduling the ATCA to keep it phased up at 8 GHz and above (Tasso)** 
-**+  ​* ​ **Some of the new 750 GB disks appear to have bigbuf problems at 512 Mbps. Claire to send Jim some disks for an out-of-session test at Hobart (Claire/​Jim)** 
 +  *  **Capacity calculations need fixing in cDisko (actually recorder_server) (Jamie S)** 
 +  *  **Curtin Cluster at Narrabri: wo would like to get the cluster up once the network is installed. Action on Tasso and Shaun to get the networking going as soon as possible (Tasso/​Shaun)**
-  *  ​Organise next telecon: ​??, 2pm Sydney time (Tasso/​Chris)+  *  ​Next telecon: ​Wed Jan 28 2009, 2pm Sydney time (Tasso/​Chris)
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