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 //Chair** //Chair**
   *  Tasso Tzioumis   *  Tasso Tzioumis
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 **Actions arising** **Actions arising**
-  *  ?+  *  Standing actions 
 +    *  One of Curtin Mark5B+ units to be shipped to AUT when they arrive, plus an invoice to AUT. (Steven) 
 +    *  Swinburne archive of correlated VLBI data to be moved to ATNF & Curtin at end of all Swinburne correlation (Steven/Claire) 
 +  *  Coordinate availability and shipping of disks for next run (Claire) 
 +  *  Investigate options for disks. Buying excess disks from Swinburne VLBI pool and/or Mk5 disks. (Tasso/Steven) 
 +  *  Initiate discussion on next generation VLBI systems and disks (Mk5b/Mk5c/of-the-self) for the March LBA meeting. (Tasso/Steven) 
 +  *  Investigate and report on how much more VLBI correlating remains at Swinburne and likely end-date. (Hayley) 
 +  *  List on the Wiki available bands/polarisations at each LBA antenna. Also update "standard bands" (from S2) and define "standard" bands for wide-band recording. (Cormac/Tasso) 
 +  *  Investigate and test 10 Gbps from IVEC into Curtin cluster (Steven/Cormac) 
 +  *  Organise LBA Operations/eVLBI/networking meeting at Curtin for week 9-13 March. Full e-VLBI demo in that week. (Steven/Tasso) 
 +  *  Discuss and initiate action with AARNet for the official part of the March demo (Tasso) 
 +  *  Coordinate ASKAP EoI for VLBI (Steven) 
 +    *  ASKAP VLBI specs to Steven (Chris) 
 +    *  "final" draft for next LBA telecon (Steven) 
   *  Organise next telecon: 10 December 2008, 2pm Sydney time (Tasso/Chris)   *  Organise next telecon: 10 December 2008, 2pm Sydney time (Tasso/Chris)
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