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VLBI teleconference, 28 January 2009

12.00 Perth, 14.00 Eastern, 16.00 New Zealand


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 8068

Chair: Steven Tingay


  • Next VLBI session
    • Schedules
    • Disks
    • e-VLBI tests
    • Observing support
  • eVLBI tests to Curtin (<1 Gbps and >1 Gbps) (Phillips/Tingay)
  • e-VLBI demo to Curtin (Tzioumis/Tingay)
  • LBA operations/eVLBI/Networking meeting (Tzioumis/Tingay)
  • Status of ARCS data transfer tests to iVEC (Phillips)
  • Update on New Zealand antenna (Gulyaev)
  • Update on Curtin cluster at Narrabri (Phillips/Amy)
  • AuScope Update (Lovell)
  • AOB

Actions arising

(new items in blue)

  • One of Curtin Mark5B+ units to be shipped to AUT when they arrive, plus an invoice to AUT. (Steven)
  • Swinburne archive of correlated VLBI data to be moved to ATNF & Curtin at end of all Swinburne correlation (Steven/Claire)
  • Options for disks and data transport:
    • Buying excess disks from Swinburne VLBI pool and/or Mk5 disks. (Tasso/Steven)
    • Initiate discussion on next generation VLBI systems and disks (Mk5b/Mk5c/of-the-self) for the March LBA meeting. (Tasso/Steven)
  • List on the Wiki available bands/polarisations at each LBA antenna. Also update “standard bands” (from S2) and define “standard” bands for wide-band recording. (Cormac/Tasso)
  • March LBA meeting and eVLBI demo preparations:
  • Next telecon: Wed ?? 2009, 2pm Sydney time (Tasso/Chris)
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