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 Chair: Tasso Tzioumis Chair: Tasso Tzioumis
-Attendance: ​+Attendance: ​Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall(Curtin);​ Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Phil Edwards, John Reynolds (ATNF Marsfield); Jamie Stevens (ATNF, Narrabri); Jamie McCallum, Brett Reid (UTas, Mt Pleasant); Richard Dodson, Maria Rioja (UWA); Shinji Horiuchi (SDCCC, Canberra)
 Apologies: Steven Tingay, Randall Wayth (Curtin); Simon Ellingsen (UTas); Tim Natush, Sergei Gulyaev (Auckland); Jonathan Quick (Hart) Apologies: Steven Tingay, Randall Wayth (Curtin); Simon Ellingsen (UTas); Tim Natush, Sergei Gulyaev (Auckland); Jonathan Quick (Hart)
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 **Actions arising**  ​ **Actions arising**  ​
 +  *  Consolidation of the LBA Archive to include all ATNF + Swinburne + Curtin correlated LBA data. Should also add in eVLBI output data. Maintain complete archives at Curtin and ATNF (ATNF/​Curtin)
 +    *  ATNF to develop online access to this archive (ATNF) ** - Continuing **
 +  *  Implement Mk5b eVLBI operation (Chris) -** postponed till Mk5b eVLBI tests are feasible later in the year. **
 +  *  Mk5b operations at correlator (Curtin) ** - continuing **
 +    *  Mk5b test data to Curtin (UTas)
 +    *  Test with Mopra (Chris, UTas)
 +    *  Parallel LBA amd Mk5 test data (UTas, Cormac) - ** to be arranged **
 +  *  Notify WEW of times of any ATCA delay jumps (Correlators)
 +  *  Correlate Boolardy geodetic data to get better position, before next session. (Curtin) ​ ** - in queue **
 +  *  Test ATCA data from the vlbi_64_1_tda mode and compare 64 MHz and 1 MHz modes (Jamie S.)
 +    *  Guidelines for phasing the atca more often during vlbi observations (ATNF)
 +    *  Clarify availability of atca data during VLBI. Include in letter to PIs to allow informed choice (ATNF)
 +  *  Inform PIs of ~150ns delay difference in polarizations at the atca (ATNF, Correlator)
 +  *  Publicise availability of OH and S-band form next period at atca due to the L/S upgrade.(ATNF)
 +  *  UTas is implementing a pre-planning meeting to plan Rx setups and avoid mix-ups. Must have setup instructions at least 2 days before session. (UTas)
 +  *  New equipment in Ceduna town to mitigate interference to wi-fi link to the telescope. New 5 GHz wi-fi operation. (UTas)
 +  *  Address XRAID issues at Tid. Power-cycle testing and/or upgrade hardware. Swinburne could be source of XRAID. (Shinji, Chris)
 +  *  Urgent input to JPL re Tid scheduling beyond 25 Oct. (Shinji, Phil)
 +  *  Check cx016b data and correlate full dataset when all data at Curtin. (Correlator)
 +  *  Implement upgrade for programmable cable changes on VLBI DAS. Testing needed. (Chris, Jamie S)
 +  *  Fix faulty CAVE nodes (04 and 07) - (Chris)
 +  *  Test Mp lo_setup after synthesiser upgrade. Test cm observation online and need full test for K-band (ATNF, Tasso)
-Next meeting:+Next meeting: ​TBD
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