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VLBI teleconference, 02 March 2010

11.00 Perth, 14.00 Eastern, 16.00 New Zealand

N.B. Eastern Australia is in Summer time.


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 9997

Chair: Tasso Tzioumis

Attendance: Shinji Horiuchi (SDCCC, Canberra); Claire Hotan, Aquib Moin, Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Shaun Amy (ATNF Marsfield); Jamie Stevens (ATNF, Narrabri); Jim Lovell(UTas,Hobart); Richard Dodson, Maria Rioja (UWA)


  • Issues for March 2010 session
    • Scheduling issues
    • Wiki
    • Disks
    • Observing support
    • Observing software (cdisko)
    • eVLBI issues
  • General Issues
    • ASKAP/NZ VLBI in April
    • Report from Hobart and NZ meetings
  • ACTION items

Ongoing action items list at Actions from last meeting 2009Dec02 and Actions from last meeting 2009Dec16

  • AOB

Actions arising

NO revision of previous action items was done at this telecon. Postponed for a future telecon.

Only items relevant to the next VLBI session are included here.

  • Ensure polarisation setup is the best it can be for all antennas, as V288a is a polarisation observation. (All observatories)
  • Ensure all schedules are in and checked. All there at this time except V271e (Cormac)
  • Mk5 disks are needed for Hobart. To be shipped from Parkes. (Chris)
  • Include Tid in the V252p schedules.
  • Ensure disk storage adequate. Only shipping needed is to Ceduna (Claire)
  • Setup Tid XRAID. Remotely done by Chris?
  • Include Mk5 data into copying to Petabyte store for backup.
  • Check whether all Parkes receiver changes are done at the start of the run or during. (Tasso)
  • Get copy of Rb-clock test data to Cormac. (Chris).

ALL DONE in time (18/3/2010)

Next meeting: Post-session debrief, week 15-19 March?

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