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 Chair: Tasso Tzioumis Chair: Tasso Tzioumis
-Attendance: +Attendance: Shinji Horiuchi (SDCCC, Canberra);  Claire Hotan, Aquib Moin, Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Shaun Amy (ATNF Marsfield);  Jamie Stevens (ATNF, Narrabri); Jim Lovell(UTas,Hobart); Richard Dodson, Maria Rioja (UWA)
 **Agenda** **Agenda**
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 **Actions arising**   **Actions arising**  
 +** NO revision of previous action items was done at this telecon. Postponed for a future telecon. **
 +Only items relevant to the next VLBI session are included here.
 +%red* ALL DONE in time (18/3/2010) **
 +  *  Ensure polarisation setup is the best it can be for all antennas, as V288a is a polarisation observation. (All observatories)
 +  *  Ensure all schedules are in and checked. All there at this time except V271e (Cormac)
 +  *  Mk5 disks are needed for Hobart. To be shipped from Parkes. (Chris)
 +  *  Include Tid in the V252p schedules.
 +  *  Ensure disk storage adequate. Only shipping needed is to Ceduna (Claire)
 +  *  Setup Tid XRAID. Remotely done by Chris?
 +  *  Include Mk5 data into copying to Petabyte store for backup.
 +  *  Check whether all Parkes receiver changes are done at the start of the run or during. (Tasso)
 +  *  Get copy of Rb-clock test data to Cormac. (Chris).
 +Next meeting: Post-session debrief, week 15-19 March?
-Next meeting: ?? 
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