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VLBI teleconference, 18 March 2010

11.00 Perth, 14.00 Eastern, 16.00 New Zealand

N.B. Eastern Australia is in Summer time.


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 3095

Chair: Tasso Tzioumis

Attendance: Shinji Horiuchi (SDCCC, Canberra); Claire Hotan, Aidan Hotan, Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Shaun Amy, Phil Edwards (ATNF Marsfield); Simon Ellingson (UTas,Hobart), Brett Reid, Jamie McCallum (UTas, Mt. Pleasant); Richard Dodson (UWA)



  • Scheduling issues
  • Observing support
  • Reports from observatories
    • ATCA phasing
  • Issues for correlator
  • Disk transfers
  • eVLBI issues
  • Next VLBI session in May (6-10)

Actions arising

* Previous actions were not reviewed. Tasso to review and consolidate actions from previous meetings, and bring for discussion at next meeting. (Tasso)

  • Install new version of SCHED and inform PIs (Cormac, Phil)
  • Get Parkes DPFU numbers from last session (Shaun)
  • Investigate how to propagate cal information (Tsys, DPFU) to PIs. Provide ANTAB file from correlator? (Hayley)
  • Ensure VNC servers are started as shared to enable multiple access (All observatories)
  • Debug and commission new version of cdisko and recorder servers (Jamie S., Chris)
    • Investigate cdisko ability to change record modes automatically (e.g. for v255) (Chris, Jamie S.)
  • Sort out how to run the DAS control software at Tid. Maybe multiple options. (Shinji, Chris)
  • More telescope health tests at correlator:
    • Check more of Cd data for phase problem (Hayley, Cormac)
    • Try for more data spot checks after sessions and data transfer (Curtin correlator)
    • Save good data from fringe-checks and correlate quickly to check telescope health (Chris, Cormac, Hayley)
      • Investigate use of cave cluster for fringe-check data correlation (Chris, Cormac)
    • Schedule special test observations for telescope checks if necessary (All)

Next meeting: Late April, prior to next session

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