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     *  ATCA phasing     *  ATCA phasing
   *  Issues for correlator   *  Issues for correlator
 +  *  Disk transfers
   *  eVLBI issues   *  eVLBI issues
-  *  Next VLBI session in May+  *  Next VLBI session in May (6-10)
 **Actions arising**   **Actions arising**  
 +** * Previous actions were not reviewed. Tasso to review and consolidate actions from previous meetings, and bring for discussion at next meeting. (Tasso) **
 +  *  Install new version of SCHED and inform PIs (Cormac, Phil)
 +  *  Get Parkes DPFU numbers from last session (Shaun)
 +  *  Investigate how to propagate cal information  (Tsys, DPFU) to PIs. Provide ANTAB file from correlator? (Hayley)
 +  *  Ensure VNC servers are started as shared to enable multiple access (All observatories)
 +  *  Debug and commission new version of cdisko and recorder servers (Jamie S., Chris)
 +    *  Investigate cdisko ability to change record modes automatically (e.g. for v255) (Chris, Jamie S.)
 +  *  Sort out how to run the DAS control software at Tid. Maybe multiple options. (Shinji, Chris)
 +  *  More telescope health tests at correlator:
 +    *  Check more of Cd data for phase problem (Hayley, Cormac)
 +    *  Try for more data spot checks after sessions and data transfer (Curtin correlator)
 +    *  Save good data from fringe-checks and correlate quickly to check telescope health (Chris, Cormac, Hayley)
 +      *  Investigate use of cave cluster for fringe-check data correlation (Chris, Cormac)
 +    *  Schedule special test observations for telescope checks if necessary (All)
-Next meeting:+Next meeting: Late April, prior to next session 
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