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VLBI teleconference, 20 May 2010

12.00 Perth, 14.00 Eastern, 16.00 New Zealand


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 1524

Chair: Tasso Tzioumis

Attendance: Shinji Horiuchi (SDCCC, Canberra); Bruce Stansby, Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Phil Edwards (ATNF Marsfield); Brett Reid, Jamie McCallum (UTas, Mt. Pleasant); Richard Dodson. Maria Rioja (UWA)



  • Reports from observatories
    • ATCA phasing
  • Issues for/from correlator
  • Any other issues
  • Next VLBI session in July (22-27)

Actions arising

* Previous actions were not reviewed. Tasso to review and consolidate actions from previous meetings, and bring for discussion at next meeting. (Tasso)

  • Implement DAS automatic cable changing for 64 MHz/16 MHz (Chris, atnf staff)
  • Investigate and understand timing issues with the CABB and DAS at atca (Jamie, Chris, ATNF)
  • Investigate issues with daemon services at Mp system (Tasso, Chris)
  • For Parkes receiver changes ensure that Ettore is consulted (ATNF, Ettore)
  • Investigate issues with RF hybrid and polarisation on Warkworth antenna (Tim)
  • Check XRAIDs on station before session start (UTas)
  • Revise Hobart procedures on xraid changes to spped up fringe testing(UTas)
  • Upgrade recorderserver at Ho and Cd (UTas, Jamie Stevens, Chris)
  • Document and investigate using the Hobart HEX cluster as backup recorder for VLBI (UTas)
  • Coordinate schedules to ensure all telescaopes start at known state/wrap (ALL)
  • Investigate CSIRO plans re 1 Gbps connectivity to Tid (Tasso)
  • Telecon between ATNF and NZ to sort out NZ network issues (Shaun, Chris, Tim, AUT)
  • Check 22 GHz polarisation results from last session (Correlator, Richard, PI…)
  • Recommendations for PIs to include calibrators to phase-up atca (ATNF)
  • RTFC upgrade is need for 64 MHz. Need to go to DiFX 2.0. Moderate project. (Chris)

Next meeting: Early July, prior to next session

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