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VLBI teleconference, 02 May 2011

10.00 Perth, 12.00 Eastern Summer Time, 14.00 New Zealand (02.00 UT)


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 0899

Chair: Tasso Tzioumis

Attendance: Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Phil Edwards, Shaun Amy, John Reynolds (ATNF Marsfield); Jamie McCallum, Simon Ellingsen(UTas); Sergei Gulyaev, Tim Natush, Stuart Weston (AUT, NZ)

Apologies: Jonathan Quick (Hart); Jim Lovell (UTas); Steven Tingay (Curtin)


  • Debrief from last VLBI session (Mar-April 2011)
    • ATNF
    • UTas
    • Curtin
    • Tid
    • NZ
    • AuScope
    • Hart
  • Additional Reports from observatories & correlator(s)
  • Report on VLBI tests with GMRT
  • Planning for next VLBI session(s)
    • Cir X-1 NAPA May-July 2011
    • 20-26 July 201
    • General comments
  • Planning for ASKAP VLBI/e-VLBI tests
    • H-maser
    • X-band receiver
    • Networks
    • Possible timetable
  • Any other issues

Actions arising


  • Consolidation of the LBA Archive to include all ATNF + Swinburne + Curtin correlated LBA data. Should also add in eVLBI output data. Maintain complete archives at Curtin and ATNF (ATNF/Curtin)
    • ATNF to develop online access to this archive (ATNF) - Continuing
    • Arrange ATOA on-line access to archive (ATNF)
  • Implement Mk5b eVLBI operation (Chris) - Done
  • Guidelines for phasing the atca more often during vlbi observations (ATNF) - to be revisited
  • Implement upgrade for programmable cable changes on VLBI DAS. (Chris, Jamie S)
  • Update Parkes VLBI notes on Wiki (Jamie, JER, Tasso)
    • Mk5 notes for Parkes on Wiki (Chris, JER, Tasso)
    • Parkes Calibration notes (JER, Ettore)


  • Consider L-Band operation at Ww with old feed (Tim) completed
  • Investigate/implement mixed mode correlation (64 MHz & 4 x 16 MHz) at Curtin correlator (Cormac, Chris) continuing
  • MK5 upgrade for e-VLBI in NZ (Stuart, Chris) Done
  • Proposal for VLBI with GMRT for next round (All) continuing
  • Follow-up of zoom-modes for VLBI on atca (Jamie, Tasso) Continuing
  • Feed-back on tied-array operation (correlator)
  • Report on possible persistent frequency problem at Cd (correlator)
  • MK5 obsrvation issues: COMPLETED
    • Disk changes? More than 1 hr lost when 10 TB scheduled (Chris, Cormac)
    • Upgrade of Mk5a on Hobart 26m (Jamie M)
    • V271h data tansfer? (Jamie, Cormac, Chris)
  • Framework for NZ data transfers. Auto-ftp at NZ and Hobart? (Stuart, Jamie M, Cormac, Chris) implemented
  • Inform PIs re 20 sec gaps from sched. Use Wiki + PI letter (Cormac, Chris)
  • Plan for VLBI demos with AuScope antennas (UTas) DONE
  • Copy LBA data archive from Curtin to ATNF (Curtin, Chris) continuing

Next meeting: Monday 18 July 2011, 04:00UT.

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