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VLBI teleconference, Monday 24 June 2013

02:00 UT - 10:00 Perth, 12:00 AEST, 14:00 New Zealand


Vic:03 9545 8222
NSW:02 9490 8022
ACT:02 6276 6622
Qld:07 3214 2311
WA:08 6436 8844
SA:08 8273 8122
NT:08 8944 8488
Tas:03 6232 5188

Meeting ID: 1886

Chair: Tasso Tzioumis

Attendance: Cormac Reynolds, Hayley Bignall (Curtin); Tasso Tzioumis, Chris Phillips, Phil Edwards, Yiannis Gonidakis, John Reynolds (CASS Marsfield); Jamie Stevens (CASS Narrabri); Jamie McCallum (UTas); Richard Dodson (UWA)

Apologies: Jonathan Quick (Hart) [Written report supplied]


  • Debrief from last LBA session 13-18 June 2013
    • Reports from the telescopes
      • ATNF
      • UTas
      • NZ
      • Hart
  • Rtfc and correlation
  • ATCA phasing at 22 GHz
  • Tests
    • With KVN
    • NEXPRES & BoD
  • Any other issues
  • Upcoming observations
    • 14-19 August 2013 LBA session
      • NTFN testing
    • RadioAstron observations ?
  • Report from Radioastron RISC meeting.
  • Wiki logs
  • Data transfers.
  • e-VLBI developments/demos
  • Future plans: LBA wide-banding?
    • Xcube tests
    • telescope issues
    • correlator issues
    • e-VLBI
  • Organise scientific meeting in Northern Territory in 2014?
  • AOB

Actions arising


  • LBA data archive consolidation and copy at CASS. (CASS, Curtin)
    • LBA data archive. Need ATNF disk space (Tasso, Shaun) Continuing
  • ATCA phasing. Check performance and implementation (Jamie S, Richard) Updated
    • Definitely need >200 mJy calibrators. Stress in documentation. (ATNF)
    • Recommend strong calibrators » 200 Mjy ~every hour (depends on weather) + possible weaker calibrators more often (ATNF)
    • Ask PIs to nominate phase-cals and check fluxes BEFORE scheduled observations (Phil, Jasmie S)
  • ATCA Tsys via CABB (CASS) Updated
    • Investigate implementation by Bob Sault (Tasso)
    • Consult with Carrad and Sault about Tsys implementation on the CABB (Tasso)
    • Check with WEW and test whether acal scale preserved when mode changed to VLBI (Jamie S)
    • Review ATCA VLBI configs (Jamie S, Tasso) Done
  • Observer training and remote observing (Tasso) Continuing
  • Wiki logs (All) Continuing
    • Log transfers quickly to FTP area and/or Wiki (ALL) Continuing
    • Annual “best” wiki-log competition. To be judged by correlator. (Cormac)
  • Schedule more 32 GHz tests with ATCA? (Phil) Continuing
  • Pawsey centre access for VLBI and eVLBI (Chris, Cormac) Continuing
  • Linear to Circular polarisation conversion. (Chris, Richard, Cormac) Continuing
  • Monitoring “check-list” for ATNF telescopes (Chris, Jamie S) Continuing
  • Monica implementation at Ceduna (Jamie & Jamie) Continuing
  • Remote access to Ceduna VNC via Hobart? (Tasso, Jamie M.) Continuing
    • VNC within VNC ? (Jamie M, Tasso)
  • Remote access to Ww (Stuart, Tasso) Continuing
  • Simon Ellingsen complex schedules. Send frequency changes list to Ettore (Parkes) and Quick (Hart) for development of LO setups (Simon, Chris) Updated
    • Rationalise Simon's schedules (Cormac, Simon, Chris)


  • DASPRO for Parkes needs updating to reflect Mars Rx changes (Chris)
  • NEXPReS BoD tests and demo would need time around June 2013 (Tasso, Phil) Updated
    • BoD test. Scheduled for 27 June 2013(Chris, Tasso) Done
  • Check-list for ASKAP Rx changes. Especially 100 MHz reference for X-band. (Tasso, Suzy).
    • Include on Wiki documentation (Tasso)
  • RTFC needs >0.5 hours for Mk5 and complex (e.g Simon's) setups (Phil)
  • Eliminate separate rtfc schedules except for special mosed (Cormac)
    • include in main schedules for 1st hour
    • Inform PIs of suitable fringe-finders from block-schedule (Cormac, Chris)
    • List of 22 GHz calibrators for Hart (Chris)
    • Ask Roopesh for calibrator update at 8 and 22 GHz (Chris)
  • X-raid disks failing e.g at Ceduna. Manage at correlator (Cormac, Hayley) Done
    • Sent to correlator for replacement of disk (UTas)
    • Curtin to keep stock of 750 GB disks (from failing set) (Cormac)
    • Curtin has stock of 500 GB spare disks. ATNF also has spares and can provide extras.
  • NZ slow transfer issues Resolved
    • Possible cache size in Mk5 sofware. Email to Stuart, Chris, Cormac (Jamie M)
  • No phase-cal extraction from Mk5 in LBA corrlator. Inform Hart. (Tasso) Done
  • Include Hart 15m availability in LBA. Already in SCHED. Done
    • Include in OPAL
    • Supply web link
    • On wiki documentation
    • Inform Leonid Petrov
  • For ATCA include in Wiki log: ref ant, pad, tied-array. Default ant03 on W104. (Jamie S)
  • Develop LBA 64 MHz setups for X and K bands (Cormac) Done
  • For Tid, determine which antenna is scheduled in block-schedule and modify setup files (Cormac, Shinji, Phil)
  • Allow cdisko/server to select 1 x 64 MHz channel (Jamie S) Done
  • KVN test data to Richard Dodson (Chris) Done
  • Xcube developments by August session (Xcube, Tasso, Chris)


  • VLBI science meeting in 2014 at Darwin (?) and setup LOC, SOC (Tasso)

Next meeting: 09 August 2013

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