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-Apologies: Simon Ellingsen, Jo Dawson, Vasaant S/O Krishnan+Apologies: Simon Ellingsen, Jo Dawson, Vasaant S/O Krishnan, John Reynolds
 **Agenda** **Agenda**
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 +  *  Rx selection at Parkes is not obvious. Modify atsnap to remind Rx selection (John, Chris)
 +  *  DAS1 stats at ATCA show problems. Investigate (Jamie S)
 +  *  ASKAP antenna drive issues to be investigated (Tasso, Mike Kesteven)
 +    *  Implement EPICS interface for ANT29 and VLBI (Chris)
 +  *  Hobart operational issues
 +    *  DAS profile accidental overwrite. Implement counter measures (UTas)
 +    *  Synthesiser frequency offsets confusiing. Need procedures to prevent (Brett)
 +    *  Resolve issues with default Hobart disk for fringe checks (Jamie M)
 +  *  Use fauto at Ho and Cd during setup and fringe testing (Brett, Chris)
 +  *  Procedures in drudg and FS to enable rtfc during runs (Chris, Cormac, Jamie M)
 +  *  Flipped data for 64 MHz at Tid. Provide stand-alone data flipping program to Curtin (Chris)
 +  *  Check data transfer procedures from Tid for rftc. Use ssh and reverse tunnel? (Chris, Shinji)
 +  *  NZ transfer speeds to pbstore need to be improved. (Chris, Cormac, Stuart)
 +  *  ASKAP Vex schedules do not support rtfc without mods (Cormac, Chris)
 +    *  New version of SCHED to be tried out. This should support correct ASKAP Vex  (Cormac)
 +  *  Need to change SCHED to implement VDIF output. Needed by DiFX corrlator (Cormac, Chris)
 +  *  Block schedule may create confusion when Mk5s are scheduled in LBA. Need to expand mode description and educate PIs (Phil, Cormac)
 +  *  Next LBA run 13-18 June clashes with ATUC meeting on 13 June. Manage conflict (ATNF)
 +Next meeting: 6 June 2013, in time for June 13-18 LBA session.
-Next meeting: May 2013, in time for June 13-18 LBA session. 
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