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Preparing flag files

The NMC log contains information about when a new pointing command if received and when the antenna Az and El coordinates are within tolerances. The times of these messages can be used to prepare a FLAG file for AIPS which an astronomer can use to edit out data when the antenna was off point. The first step is to grab the NMC log, the second step is to process it into FLAG format.

NMC log retreival

The NMC log will be on any nmc ( etc) under $NMCLOGDIRECTORY (/nmcfs/ops/cdscc/ of the form yydddhhmm.L0n.aasssppppp (year doy time link# antenna spacecraft# pass#)

Processing the NMC log

The flag file can be created from the NMC log with the script: [NMC_log_file] [day_number] > [output_file]

where the name of the NMC log and the day number it started on are inputs. The output file name should be of the format [experiment_name]yi.flag, e.g. v209ati.flag.

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