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To setup the Ceduna connection, login to kaputar as vlbi and give the command:

 screen -S ceduna ssh -L kaputar:8051:ops1cd:8051 -L kaputar:8052:ops1cd:8052 \ 

You will need to know the observer password for newsmerd for this to work. If this command is successful you will end with an observer prompt on newsmerd. To exit screen without affecting the tunnel, press Ctrl-a d. You will get dropped back to a kaputar prompt, but the tunnel will continue working in the background.

Of course, since we are running with screen, this SSH tunnel will survive even if VLBI logs out of kaputar (as long as you haven't quit the screen session). So before you try starting a new screen session as above, try connecting to an existing one with:

 screen -x ceduna 

If no screen is available called ceduna, you will get a message saying as much. In that case, restart it with the “screen -S” command.

If the screen is present, but the monitoring is clearly not working on the web page, first check that the connection to newsmerd has not been dropped. If after connecting to the ceduna screen you don't get a prompt on newsmerd then you will need to exit the screen, and restart it. In theory, the way we started the screen means this should never happen: if the connection to newsmerd dies, the screen session should disappear.

If the newsmerd connection is there, but the monitoring is not working, you will probably need to restart the MoniCA process on newsmerd. To do this:

  • Login to ops1cd as observer in another terminal (do not use the connection in the screen session for this). If you're within the ATNF firewall, you'll need to do this via newsmerd first.
  • Look for the processes 'socket' and 'monica_monitor' with the command:
     ps -u observer | grep 'socket\|monica_monitor' 
  • Take a note of the two PIDs that come back from that command, or if they are there at all (sometimes these processes fail).
  • Stop the MoniCA server with:
     ~/usr/bin/ stop 
  • Kill the 'socket' and 'monica_monitor' processes, and make sure they are dead by checking with 'ps'.
  • Restart the MoniCA server with:
     ~/usr/bin/ start 

At this point the monitoring on the web page should return. If it doesn't, please reload the web page. If this still doesn't work, call Jamie Stevens.

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