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DiFX 2018 Wettzell

Group Photo

List of talks

Author(s) Presentation
Jakob Gruber, Jamie McCallum, Andreas Hellerschmied, Johannes Böhm VLBI Correlation Activities at TU Wien
Mark Kettenis, Aard Keimpema Geodetic VLBI support in SFXC
John Barrett Data processing of VGOS experiments
Takahiro Wakasugi, Masafumi Ishigaki, Shinobu Kurihara Activity Report on Tsukuba VLBI Correlator
Frederic Jaron, Laura La Porta, Zhongkai Zhang, Axel Nothnagel Correlating a narrow-bandwidth signal with DiFX
Adam Deller General-purpose GPU software correlator tests and benchmarks
Adam Deller An overview of complex oversampled correlation support in DiFX
Phillip Haftings, Andy Sargent Geodetic Correlation at the Washington Correlator (WACO)
Walter Brisken VLBA Update and A few new benchmark results
Geoff Crew EHTC Processing
Cormac Reynolds DiFX @ ATNF
Mark Wainright Mark6 operational updates for VLBA
Zheng Meyer-Zhao Datasim - A VLBI baseband data simulator
Helge Rottmann Bonn Correlator Report
Helge Rottmann difxdb
Jan Wagner EHTC Processing in DiFX at MPIfR
Phillip Haftings Stable Python Development
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