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1 March (DOY 060)

Array = 6D

W8 W32 W84 W168 W173 W392

Refant: CA00

RefAntCal: CA03

Tied IF#1: 1234–

Tied IF#2: —4–

Jamie noted: ATCA is currently set up with 4 track antennas (1234) in the tied array in IF1, and only CA04 (the closest to W196, at position W168) in the tied array in IF2 (edited) CA05 is out for maintenance 9:16 PM rotation reference is 0, for W196

asteroid 1999 RW45

10:25:11 u drv e

15:22:58 hit horizon mask

2 March (DOY 061)

asteroid 1999 RW45

09:58:24 drv e

13:30:14 drv d (ATCA has hit horizon)

13:34:45 2015-056B on point

16:00:00 drv disabled

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