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 +DSS-13 is just transmitting 7190 MHz with no Doppler removal. ​ At DSS-14
 +we often remove the Dopplers on the uplink but we don¹t yet have the
 +ability to do that at DSS-13.
 +Lance - So in short, if DSS-13 is transmitting a constant 7190 MHz,
 +the echo is arrive at ATCA in a rapidly time-varying way not
 +compensated for Doppler.
 +Jon - Doppler shift at the moment the moment is -196419.139 Hz,
 +thus echo at 7189.8 Mhz, so within the band 7187 - 7191 MHz Jamie
 +mentioned recording.
 +21:21:50 Due to elevation restrictions,​ we just dropped the transmitter
 +power to 60 kW.
 +22:40:50 UT.  Due to airspace restrictions,​ we decreased the transmitter
 +power to 40 kW.
 +22:50:00 UT.  Transmitter off at DSS-13.
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