ATNF Astronomy Web Services



The Remote Visualisation System is a distributed software system that allows the visualisation and analysis of remotely located astronomical images. The RVS is a server side system where most of the data processing occurs on the RVS Server. The system was NOT designed to be a 'data fusion' tool like CDS's Aladin. Instead, its purpose is to provide a re-usable visualisation web service, allowing server-side image processing that is beneficial for quick display of large remote images.

The RVS Server provides its visualisation service over the internet, via a web service. Client applications connect to the service, make processing requests and receive the result of those requests to present to the user.

This type of client-server model make possible a variety of different client types. These may range from web browsers to fully blown applications written in any language on any platform. The RVS Viewer is a java based application that uses the RVS Server for image processing.

Using the RVS

The RVS service is being utilised by the following archives to allow users to visualise its images.

For a quick trial, you may click on the sample images below to view them using the RVS Viewer. You need version 1.4 of Java webstart to be able to run the viewer from the browser. Click here for help.